Communicating Strategically In Organizations


Effective communication between management and employees is believed to develop a sense of oneness, rapport and camaraderie among themselves.  Spending time to plan to communicate strategically can serve as a fruitful venue for affirming communal corporate goals and improved management relationships.

Paul A. Argenti, a professor of management and corporate communication at Dartmouth, wrote in his book, Corporate Communication: “In earlier times, companies were small enough that they could get by with much less sophisticated communications activities.”  Now, with a new era of advanced communications, it is important for organizations to do something to keep one step ahead of the competition.  Argenti also stated that, “By creating a coordinated, coherent corporate communication system, an organization will be able to face the new century with the strategies and tools that few companies in the world have at their fingertips.”

In the past, corporations/ institutions had no specific strategy for communication.  But now that the business environment changed, someone has to take control of certain aspects of communication.

The following are tips on how to communicate effectively. (, 2002):

•             Settle on agreed messages.

•             Get top management commitment.

•             Decide on a flagship activity for the year.

•             Put your senior management through media training.

•             Find a group or department to partner with.

Enlightening management and employees of an organization about the business implications of being a responsible communicator will emphasize efficiency, which consequently implies cost reduction and ultimately, enhanced public image and pride in one’s organization.  Involving constituents themselves in the planning of a communication strategy will result in empowerment of all sectors.

By implementing a coordinated, coherent corporate communication system, an organization will be able to face the new century.

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