Pieces of Advice for the Young Leader


Multinational companies invest in and recruit young leaders.

Young businessmen become leaders these days with unrealistic expectations.  They fail to live up to their full potential.  So, how do you correct that?

Young leaders should be patient, open to new teachings, humble and grateful as they enter positions of authority.  Grow from your mistakes.  Work hard.

The younger generation wants to make the best impression, and that means they will refrain from seeking help.  Do not be afraid to ask.  It is also beneficial to ask for feedback on how you are doing.  Ask about the unwritten rules and culture — these are not written in a handbook and not discussed in orientations.

Let the people get to know you.  Be visible.  You may not always be available, but be accessible.  Let your people feel comfortable with you and trust your leadership.

Say no to “some” things.  It is not easy but you need to pace yourself.  You are only one person and although a lot of people want your time, you will burnout.

You need to understand your individual strengths and weaknesses, and the skills you have and do not have.

To be considered good, a leader must have above average character.

The best leader is the one who allows others to gain experience.  Find ways to allow others to lead.


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