Qualifications for the Young Executive


Companies are always on the look-out for star performers. How do you know that YOU are one of them?

Star employees strive to accomplish more or move upward in the organization. They are risk-takers, the and employers enjoy finding and hiring them. They are competent, steady performers who balance their work and personal lives while still doing the bulk of the work of the company. Organizations also need to know who is going to be a strong choice for a long term project — which requires a steady hand and constant attention to keep it on track.

Organizations need to know who their go-to people are in a pinch. They need to know who is going to put their neck on the line to make sure things get accomplished, no matter how much effort it takes.

However, organizations also need to know if they have any nonperformers that need to be removed. These are performers who are not achieving enough to satisfy their employers and are most likely to be asked to move along.

Hopefully, you will not be in this place.

In order for you to be a star performer, take note of the following:

  • Develop solid work habits around your strengths
  • Establish credibility through solid, dependable performance
  • Take control of your own personal and professional development

Lastly, try to carry the corporate history with you.

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