Leading Strategically


Yes, if we want to make the right choices in terms of overall strategy of the organization, we need to make sure that we have accurate information.

Strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable market position supported by a system of activities that fit together in a complementary way (Porter, 1980).

When developing strategies, the goal is to be different from your competitors.

In these dynamic changing times, positive leadership is a plus. We must stop talking about the recession. It is time to get back to basics, create a plan of action, and inspire, encourage and empower the people we work with. Great leadership is a transfer of belief. The difference between success and failure is belief. Positive leaders share their belief with their organization and in the process they inspire and empower the people around them to believe, act and execute. Positive beliefs lead to great plans and actions and this leads to momentous results.

It is time to regroup, refocus, and unite the organization to create a winning culture and team environment. We win in the office first, then, the marketplace.

As a leader you must share the organization’s vision daily with everybody and encourage them to do the same. Current challenges and problems can be used as a way to generate new ideas and paths to success.

Developing leadership in a comprehensive way, endures.  This also comes from leadership culture and careful and continuous development of leadership at all levels.

Setting a leadership strategy begins with you. You cannot delegate leadership strategy to others if you yourself are not willing to.  You must believe and show that they can learn and lead in new ways.

Lastly, the best way to develop your leadership is to develop your character. Leadership development and character development are one.

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