Unconventional Leadership


Some people believe that the best ideas come from informal conversations — at the pantry, along the hallways, over coffee (or cigarette) break, and the like.

Indeed, when there are always people around you, there will always be somebody to bounce ideas off and to provide inspiration.

For the first-time executive, this might be an adjustment.  Up and coming executives usually are idealistic and theoretical.  How do you get these out of your system?

Figuring out what you do not already know, and committing yourself to a path of learning is the first step. The second part of that challenge is that once you have acknowledged that you need to change something about yourself, you need to know how to address it.

We face distractions, interruptions and problems each and every day. These end up having a cumulative drain on our capacities to manage projects and get things done.  The best thing to rise from this is to involve pre-work and a foundation that will allow taking small, powerful steps for your organization.  Engaging employees and helping them to understand and grow the business should be your priority.

Team members should be attracted to the “magnet characteristics” of their leaders.  They should also be able to view long term, possess big-picture mentality, delegate, motivate and be resourceful.

Leaders are facilitators. Allow your staff to operate independently.  Facilitate connections and then step back to watch them succeed.

To build lasting relationship with constituents, connect with them on a personal level. Garner goodwill by thanking those who keep your business running. Saying thanks allows your business to connect with people on an emotional level, beyond just your product or service.

Thank them by mentioning them in a tweet, posting a coupon to be redeemed on Facebook, or profiling one of your best in a blog post. Send personalized emails to them thanking them for their efforts. If an employee wins an award, send out a press release and share the news on social media or the company blog.

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