How to Lead with Principles Intact


Leaders are effective when they are guided by principles.  Leaders are teachers wherein they constantly radiate what they are.

It is good to ask oneself:  “What do I value”?  “What do I stand for”?  “What is my mission for my being”?

Having principles can do magic!  One may not be able to earn that much, One may not be recognized enough, but if you have principles, you can still enjoy a sound sleep, and earn the respect of your colleagues and superiors.  When you have your values and principles, you can be straightforward, honest and upfront.  Despite temptations, our values should be intact.

We all experienced setbacks in life.    There were times that we had it all planned and then the unexpected happens. Our world crumbles. We feel depressed, angry and disappointed.

When we have values, we have a positive spirit within us; getting back on track when surrounded by negativity.  With values, we practice faith.  Faith changes people. Faith brings forth other virtues. Just ask, and believe, then watch things happen.

One thing to be learned with the problems we faced is that, no matter what trials come, we should keep doing the GOOD we are supposed to do.  You will be surprised that when you look back, without those problems, you would have missed greatest blessings: growth, opportunities to serve, and the impact you have on people’s lives.

Organizations are more empowered when their leaders exude values and principles.

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