Dealing with Changes Effectively


Leaders are expected to manage any significant organization changes.  It can be negative like downsizing and layoffs; or, positive changes that affect the lives of those in the organization.

These changes reflect the ability, competence and credibility of those in the senior and middle management.

During the period of change, the company is characterized by confusion, fear and reduced productivity.

Employees anticipate effective planning, confident decision-making and regular communication that is timely.

To manage change effectively, let us look carefully on the following:

  • Leaders should lay the foundation for any changes that may occur by building healthy organizations in the first place.
  • Leaders should acknowledge the feelings of employees.  They should work with the employees to create a new vision and help them understand the direction of the future.
  • Leaders should be able to support, show concern and commit to the welfare of employees, while at the same time make the employees recognize that tough decisions need to be made.  Leaders should create a climate of trust that will bring hope and that will make coping with change much easier.

One thing that you must not change, though, is your commitment, to your constituents (both internal and external).

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