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Growing Executive Mindsets Program Can Turn Tomorrow’s Leaders into Superstars… Today!

We understand what it takes to grow a team of leaders. And we understand the challenges that young, talented leaders face when navigating the ranks of a successful organization like yours. That’s why we’ve developed Global Executive Mindsets (G.E.M.) – an in-depth, hands on executive training series designed to
equip your high-potential employees and emerging leaders with the tools, skills, and knowledge to take their careers – and your organization – to new heights!

Through G.E.M., your future leaders will learn how to become visible to the executives of your organization – and even feel comfortable with the company CEO – to leave a positive impression and create the leverage to promote innovation and growth.

They’ll discover how to deliver expert presentations in even the most challenging circumstances, while exuding confidence and a sense of authority that generates enthusiasm and trust… almost instantly.
They’ll get real-world feedback on how they effectively come across to others, they work with usually from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. This plus the results they deliver will impress your organization’s most seasoned executives and managers.

In short… if you have high-potential employees who understand your business and have the drive to lead… G.E.M. can equip them with the rest. That means they can quickly take their careers to the next level, and help solidify your organization’s position as a leader in your industry!

With G.E.M. training, your most talented employees and future leaders will stand out… get noticed… and most importantly, be remembered!

The Core G.E.M. Focus Areas

  • Help emerging leaders recognize, understand, and appreciate their own cultural diversity, and not allow it to inhibit their communication and other behaviors
  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills, fostering the ability to easily
    leave a positive impact in any situation.
  • Understand and master the behaviors expected in multinational environments
  • Help leaders connect across diverse cultures, gain trust in multinational
    environments, and establish synergy in relationships quickly

Ask Yourself…

  • Can your emerging leaders step out of their own cultural stereotypes, generating respect, trust, and recognition from others and be seen as a valuable team asset… rather than just another staff member.?
  • Do they have the confidence to voice innovative ideas… and the skills to know the “perfect” opportunities to voice those ideas?
  • Can they carry themselves with confidence in a multitude of social and professional situations and have a powerful presence.

When your future leaders attend G.E.M. training, you’ll be able to answer those questions with a resounding “YES!”

Give Your Emerging Leaders the Power to Shine – with G.E.M. Stand Out Training!

We’ve designed our training courses to give your best employees they need to drive their success – and yours! Our energetic, engaging sessions will give your employees the answers they need to questions like:

  • Should I voice my ideas or thoughts first in a meeting… or should I wait until others have taken their turns?
  • If I’m in social contact with an important executive – even the CEO – how do I make a positive impression in that short period of time?
  • How do I deliver effective presentations to (and get buy-in from) audiences of hundreds of people or more?
  • How can I be remembered and trusted when I’m dealing with global counterparts on a video or audio conference?
  • And many more!

Communication and their ability to connect are what sets your emerging leaders apart from the crowd. It’s not enough that they deliver stellar work… they have to have the skills to communicate the value of that work.

With G.E.M. training, your high-potential employees will learn to:

  • Stand out in your global organization… even among thousands of peers! Establish an instant leadership presence and raise the energy and enthusiasm of any team or audience effortlessly!
  • Connect and interact with colleagues and superiors with less nervousness or frustration!
  • Communicate effectively in executive meetings and other important business situations!


Stephen Krempl, CEO of Krempl Communications International (KCI), is a Singapore-born business leader and communication expert who is committed to helping emerging leaders not only survive in today’s business world… but thrive.

KCI serves as a sought-after resource for today’s employees, managers, and executives. We work with a team of highly dedicated, experienced professionals who understand the need for empowerment and transformation, particularly when it comes to communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Our goal is to facilitate real change and lasting success, both for your employees and your organization as a whole.

But we’re more than just our G.E.M. curriculum. We design, facilitate, and deliver custom training, including off-site training for leadership units, senior teams, or entire functional organizations.

Stephen has served as Chief Learning Officer for Starbucks at the company’s Seattle, WA headquarters. Over the past two decades, he has also worked for YUM Brands, PepsiCo Restaurants and Motorola and coached thousands of executives in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Stephen has served as Chief Learning Officer for Starbucks at the company’s Seattle, WA headquarters. Over the past two decades, he has also worked for YUM Brands, PepsiCo Restaurants and Motorola and coached thousands of executives in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


  • “A superb way to grow your global executive mind.”
  • “Great Seminar with superior information”
  • “Definitely eye opening”
  • “I enjoyed the program and plan to utilize the information.”
  • “The instructor was very engaging and did a great Job. I learned a lot.”
  • “Great program! Thank you for all the useful content!”
  • “Before G.E.M. i was not a confident speaker, but now I feel really self – assured.”
  • “I’m taking a lot from this, such as how to be prepared and act in a manner that will benefit me.”
  • “It truly changed my mind set.”