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Completing an undergraduate degree is an important step in career success… and it’s one that your students should be proud of!

Unfortunately, having a degree (and the knowledge that goes along with it) is only one piece of the puzzle

The people who achieve the highest level of long-term success aren’t necessarily the ones with the highest GPAs or the most impressive degrees.

They’re the ones who have mastered the communication and interpersonal skills they need to:

  • Get hired for positions that offer nearly unlimited upward potential!
  • Become visible within their organizations!
  • Leave a positive impression on managers and executive leaders!
  • Effectively lead teams to produce results!
  • Stand out and give valuable input in executive meetings and group “think tank” sessions!
  • Handle any situation with confidence, poise, and diplomacy!

Unfortunately, these aren’t skills that most people learn in the classroom. So even though your students might be highly intelligent and well-educated, they can easily become overshadowed by others who have mastered these real-world skills!

Your Students Deserve Every Advantage Possible to Start Their Careers Right!

When they graduate and venture into the job market, your students shouldn’t have to wonder:

  • “Will I even be able to get hired in my chosen field?”
  • “Will my coworkers and managers take me seriously?
  • “Will I be able to land promotions and effectively lead my company?”
  • “Do I have what it takes to become a valuable asset to my organization?”

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Those are the questions that most recent graduates ask themselves. That’s because they’re trying to break into the job market without anything that makes them stand out from the flood of other job seekers.

But when they have laser-sharp communication and interpersonal skills, they have a distinct advantage that
most people can never claim.

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  • They can lead meetings and strategy sessions confidently and efficiently!
  • They can interact with a wide range of people, from counterparts around the globe to the company CEO!
  • They can win the respect of their team members and generate enthusiasm about projects and initiatives – without coming across as authoritative!
  • They can get noticed by key executives – dramatically increasing their upward mobility!

Fortunately… the power to give your students this advantage is right at your fingertips!

Introducing: “Winning in the Work World”
Intensive Training for Real-World Success!

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  • Knowing when to speak (and what to say) in important meetings
  • How to develop a positive impression when interacting with team members
  • What to say to be remembered when in an elevator with the CEO
  • How to present effectively – even to an audience of hundreds
  • How to generate energy and enthusiasm instantly
  • How to connect with subordinates, peers, and superiors through strategic communication
  • Which areas of focus are most important in a new job
  • Ways to communicate effectively with counterparts from other countries and cultures

And much more!