Nothing proves the effectiveness of a program more than the words of the participants themselves. Take a look at what people are saying about Stephen Krempl and G.E.M. training:

“Thank you for providing all of us with great leadership advice with lots of enthusiasm! Hope to see you again soon.”

“Mr. Krempl,

Thank you for your insight into the setup statement. You are right when you use it, People think you are very smart person! Thank You!”

Laure Kasser

“Your energy was amazing and your lessons long lasting!”

Mike Ersser

“It was amazing and inspirational to hear you speak on behalf of BOLD. Thank you!”

“Thank you very much for taking the time to speak at our event!”

“You are inspirational. Thank you for your engagement and motivational advice for the students. It was wonderful to hear you speak again!”

Tatyana Kiselyn

“Thank you for all your unique insights. They really helped me!”

“Thank you for your engaging talk Mr. Krempl!”

“Thank you so much for speaking at our last BOLD EVENT! You gave the most mesmerizing and memorable talk! And thank you so much for your generosity. I love your book!”

“Thank you bringing such positive energy and great advice into our leadership development!”

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us! It was an honor to hear you speak.”

“Thank you so much for speaking at our BOLD event. I learnt so much!”

“Stephen Krempl’s dynamic, upbeat tempo and message captured the attention of an audience of our senior leaders in a recent meeting in Houston. A powerful, lively demonstration provided each individual with a memorable experience. He’s skilled at working with and engaging the audience, and he made his presentation fun and entertaining.”

Ray Vigil CLO Humana Inc.

“We have seen Stephen work at every level in the corporate environment and he brings a special brilliance, unique insights, and immense experience when working with leaders, managers, and stakeholders in an organization. He is a catalyst for problem solving, change, and learning—all aimed at getting organizational results.”

Gaylan W. Nielson, CEO, The Work Itself Group, Co-author of FAKE WORK

“I have known Stephen for twenty years. His personal qualities and experience at senior levels of global multinationals have given him a special understanding of the dynamics in many cultures—be it in Asia, the U.S., or the Middle East. Combined with his unique facilitation skills, this makes him perfectly placed to inspire Asians to succeed in the global world.”

Philip Merry, Founder and CEO, Global Leadership Academy

“Stephen’s ability to quickly and thoroughly assess any business’s education and training requirements is not only unique but invaluable. His expertise in designing and facilitating training to address those needs across multiple cultures in Asia, the U.S. and the Middle East is well-known among clients and professionals.”

Blair Singer, Co-author of SALES DOG

“I first met Stephen Krempl in 1992 as a training professional in Singapore and have enjoyed working closely with him on important projects since then. Stephen is one of the first Asian-born members of the global training community to rise to the highest levels with multi-national companies based in the United States, including becoming the Chief Learning Officer of Starbucks in Seattle, Washington. He is the consummate global citizen and a powerful contributor to the worldwide business community.”

Ron Kaufman, Founder, UP! Your Service

“Stephen has been doing work with us in the Middle East for many years. Whether it be delivering training or consulting on several high level projects, he has always been able to “connect” with our organization, our staff, and our partners, bringing his corporate experience and global experience when we needed it most.”

Mohamed Farouk Hafeez, Executive VP of HR, Kuwait Food Company (Americana)

“I heard many comments about how much people enjoyed Stephen’s presentation. They loved the three screen display and how successfully Stephen delivered the message.”

Lois Webster, CEO and General Manager, LearnShare

“My staff raved that the information was useful and most of all NOT BORING! I know Stephen’s three screen presentation was a large part of that, along with his ability to teach and have fun at the same time.”

Scott Barry, Vice President, People Development

Here are some other comments overheard at G.E.M. events:

  • “This is the type of training that I have been looking for. Thank you!”
  • “Good presentation – very professional – I will use the information.”
  • “Love Stephen’s style of presenting…”
  • “…warm, funny and knowledgeable…”
  • “It was fantastic and very inspiring.”
  • “…such positive ideas. We are going to work some of the ideas into our final presentations over the next few weeks.”

You can see the power of G.E.M. for yourself. CLICK HERE to contact Stephen today!

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