In order to determine whether your workplace would benefit from our G.E.M. workshops, ask yourself these questions:

Do your executives need to communicate effectively with leaders from corporate HQ?

Do they need to know how to interact with their counterparts from around the globe effectively?

Is it important for your employees to represent your business unit well and leave a positive impression when attending global meetings?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then G.E.M. is the right choice for your company.

Here are the types of people who benefit the most from developing a Global Executive Mindset:

1. Hard Working Employees. G.E.M. training is for corporations with the type of employees who are just missing the mark but are hard workers with good functional knowledge.

2. Recognition or Promotion Seeking Employees and Executives. The training is designed to help employees and executives who aim to increase recognition of their performance in the work world.

3. Creative and Knowledgeable Professionals. G.E.M. helps the creative and most knowledgeable of professionals discover the behaviors of top performers and then leverage those behaviors to increase their contributions within the corporation.

Be Prepared for the Changing Business Landscape

It used to be that a strong work ethic and intelligence got you where you wanted to be. But things have changed. Today, it’s all about Displaying Leadership Potential, Being Confident, and Getting Noticed. These are the keys to being promotable in the modern business world.

Global talent is more available than ever, and the race to get ahead is becoming increasingly cutthroat. The competition for your next promotion has intensified exponentially, so you need a way to STAND OUT—and you need it now!

While business results and functional expertise are essential for your growth within the organization, they are merely a foundation of your success. There are many other behaviors you must demonstrate in order to be regarded as someone with real leadership potential.

So, the question is: How do you acquire these skills?

That’s where Global Executive Mindset™ (G.E.M.) comes in. Your education and business experience gave you what you needed to know, and now we’ll teach you how to COMMUNICATE what you know.

With its powerful, researched, and industry-tested information, G.E.M. provides you with the key skills that get you noticed in today’s corporate world regardless of your industry. It’s more than just a program—it’s an essential tool that will be recognized and appreciated by your corporation.

Global Executive Mindset™ (G.E.M.)

G.E.M. is essential in today’s increasingly global marketplace.

G.E.M. enables you to make a positive and lasting impression.

With G.E.M you will STAND OUT and get noticed.

G.E.M. Course Objectives
At Krempl Communications International, we are about results. It’s critical that G.E.M. graduates walk out the door ready to do what it takes to stand out in their organization. At the end of the program our participants will be able to:

  • Identify what executives are looking for from their managers and future leaders.
  • Execute strategies that have been successful for leaders in multinational corporations (MNC’s).
  • Implement specific models for Achieving Tangible Results, Communicating Effectively and Building Relationships with business partners across the globe.
  • Recognize their cultural inhibitions and how to overcome them and display confidence.
  • Internalize the desirable behavioral sets that are required to excel in an MNC environment.


We have a variety of workshop options to fit your needs, ranging from one-day G.E.M. fundamentals to our more in-depth workshops. We also have coaching available for those who benefit from more personalized instruction. Here are some of the options available for your organization:

1. Basic Level (One Day) – G.E.M. I: The Three Communication Facets
This is a program designed for managers and executives who need to deal more effectively with others outside their home country, especially Westerners. It provides them with skills and strategies to successfully close the “culture” gap.

2. Intermediate Level (Two Days) – G.E.M. II: Mastering All Seven Facets
This two-day program expands upon the G.E.M. I program. It provides additional practice and application activities to enhance participants’ abilities to apply and feel comfortable with what they have learned.

3. Advanced Level (Three Days) – G.E.M. III: Delivering to the Executive Team
Our three-day program is the most advanced and in-depth training, full of team activities and an even more complete analysis of the 7 facets.

4. Coaching Level (Eight Sessions)
Our coaching sessions provide your team with customized follow-up to one of our G.E.M. programs based specifically on their unique areas of need.

5. Global Executive Level (Three Days)
This level will engage your executives in a program designed to get them more prepared for global dealings with multiple countries.

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There is a growing gap between the thinking and actions of U.S. based multinational corporations and their Asian leaders. We decided to get to the source of this disparity. Through research surveys of MNC’s, we identified seven key attributes of a winning Global Executive Mindset that would provide organizations with ready, competent, and driven executives—and would help correct the inconsistencies across cultures. That is how we created the 7 Facets of G.E.M.:


Does adopting a Global Executive Mindset mean that you have to focus on all seven of these behaviors all the time? Absolutely not. And that’s the best part! By focusing on a 5% change—or in other words, by choosing just 5% of the times in your career when you need to increase your performance or intensity—you can focus on one or a few aspects of your G.E.M. at a time. You simply have to take that extra step in 5% of the situations you face and put in the extra effort that will generate explosive results.

The 5% Zone is comprised of points in time where you need to consciously switch to your most effective mode in order to come across with your best foot forward.


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