Stephen Krempl

International Keynote Speaker | Corporate Communications Coach | Best Selling Author

Mark Myers.

VP Programs, FEI Nashville

“When speaking to the Nashville Chapter of Financial Executives International, Stephen Krempl invigorated our leadership communications skills by teaching us to turn our common negative responses into powerful positive influences. He is an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker.”

Uma Kasoji.

Co-Founder- The star in me

“Stephen Krempl is one of the most energetic and engaging speakers we have engaged at The star in me. Stephen partnered with us to deliver speaking engagements with clients across the world and every session was a resounding success. His delivery style is engaging and his stories and anecdotes make the concepts come alive. The audience walks away with pragmatic tips and valuable nuggets of information. Stephen has a wealth of experience and it comes through in the mastery with which he delivers sessions.”

Ramon B Segismundo.

Leadership Coach

“I was impressed with Stephen's international management credentials and track record with global blue-chip organizations. But, as I started to work closely with him, I realized that there is more than meets the eye, and he continues to awe me with every interaction we have. He has an aura, presence, and style that makes him stand out, and it endears him to the audience and the people that interact with him. His energy has its crests and valleys- that glues you to your seat as his bursts of energy are contagious. In addition, his presenting capability is like a built-in course session- I learned a lot of presentation strategies along the way as I listen to him.”

About Stephen

Stephen is a high-energy and engaging speaker who has spoken, educated and entertained his audiences for decades. Whether during a keynote speech, a virtual webinar, or training session, his audience remembers his energy, stories, and unique concepts that keep them coming back for more. Through his corporate experience at Motorola, PepsiCo, Yum! Brands, and Starbucks, he fills his talks with real-life stories that audiences can readily relate to. He shares his thought-provoking ideas on how employees should be more visible and be remembered more positively, especially with their senior management. These ideas have also been shared through his bestselling books, most recently, Positively Negative- How To Turn Negative Messages Into Positive Ones.

June 2024
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Audiences Crave Authenticity.

Tammy Lee
Talent Development, Global Business Services, Asia Pacific, BASF

“Your high energy and humorous yet direct style of webinar presentation captured the full attention of our participants. We know this because we noticed the participant numbers kept growing to 400+, with no one dropping out. Also, the evaluations and overwhelming questions we received during Q & A, showed us the content was right on target, insightful, and valuable to the LEADx candidates. Thank YOU for hosting the first Courage webinar today!”

Teresa Olympio
Director, 737 Boeing Production System

“I have had the fortune of attending Stephen’s program and reading his book. The tips, techniques and examples (and stories) he shares are invaluable if you want to be Visible and get recognized in any large Global Organization.”

Sajan K

“I had the pleasure of having my book launch hosted by Stephen on zoom. He was an efficient moderator who expertly summarized all the questions that came in. Stephen managed to move the discussion along seamlessly. There was never a dull moment. Thanks Stephen.”

Sahar A
Customer Manager Diabetes, MSD

“The session was not only full of insights but very practical in a way that we can easily apply lots of great practices in both professional and personal domains. Definitely, we need more frequent sessions like that. Thank you Stephen.”

Ahmed E
Sr. Specialist Market Access Oncology, MSD

“Very engaging opening with asking questions that motivated interaction and broke the ice. The whole session was related to our daily practices and interactions, not just theoretical information or guidelines.”

Yusri A
Bank Mandiri

“This is one of the best soft skill training I ever attend in the last 10 years. I've learned how to stand out and make an impact on my career. I suggest availing this training to all employees."

Laure Kasser

“Thank you for providing all of us with great leadership advice with lots of enthusiasm!”

Lydia Y

“Very interactive session with lots of practical work and life examples. Thanks for the insights and practicality.”

Mike Ersser

“Your energy was amazing and your lessons long lasting!”

Alex S

"Key concepts from the presentation are simple, easy to remember, and can be deployed immediately with impact."

Mansey Amin
Agile Big Bet Devops RTE, CIGNA

“Thank you for the online presentation today. We received positive feedback from ERG members that it catered very well to the audience's needs."

Jamie W
Schneider Electric

“This is by far the most relatable, interesting, and impactful session - just what I needed at this point of my career! The Dos and Don'ts on what and how to say when you switch to your 5% zone are truly gemstones in my treasure chest and for me to flaunt when I meet senior leaders.”

Sally Shaheen
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Human Quality

“We received amazing feedback for the entire event, and everyone loved your GEM message. Also, I like to say your energy and passion in which you delivered your keynote made a huge difference.”

Evan Leybourn
Founder of Business Agility Institute

“He held the entire audience hanging on his every word as he shared his insights to become highly visible to executive leaders. In fact, we used him again for our online Learning Incubator, and he had the same impact. I would highly recommend him for any live or virtual event.”

Y Lee
Scheider Electric

"Of all the development programs I have joined so far, this program was the most practical!"


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