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Stephen Krempl helps aspiring executives, standout, and be 100% more visible to their senior management. Additionally, he focuses on how to be remembered on a global stage, especially if they work in a multi-national corporation.

Titles clients have used include.

5% Zone: The Mindset To Be More Visible

Positively Negative: How To Turn Negative Messages Into Positive Ones

Authenticity Trap: Don’t Let Authenticity Limit Your Impact In the Workplace

College/ University.

Stephen helps students to understand what employers are really wanting from them and includes the secrets to standing out and getting noticed and making a strong impression in the early years of their career. This information has provided students with a powerful head start to a rewarding and meaningful career and is not generally covered in college classes.

Titles clients have used include.

Winning in the Work World: Visibility Strategies that Get You Noticed In Any Organization

The Secrets to Standing Out and Getting Noticed By Your Employer

Ace the Online Interview with Greater Presence

Tatyana K.

“You are inspirational. Thank you for your engagement and motivational advice for the students. It was wonderful to hear you speak again!”

Ian P.

DBS Bank

“Totally awesome and useful insights and techniques we learned will lead me to greater heights in my career. This is a game-changer for me! Thanks so much!”

Veronica K.

DBS Bank

“Thank you, Stephen, for sharing with us all the tips to communicate confidently and overcome our LV2. We can use many useful tips to apply in the workplace, especially when in that 5% meetings with senior management. Some of the tips can even be used in our daily lives for us to build better relationships or articulate our points of view clearly and concisely. Thank you!!!!”

Dennis L.

“The program allowed me to reflect on what I have and have not been doing well. It also gave some tools and tips to modify my behavior for better performance.”

Desmond K.

BNP Paribas

“The training was very beneficial. It made me think about real work scenarios and where and how I can improve myself.”

Objectives in the sessions have included.

Deciding to be Great vs. Good

Having the Right Mindset for these 5% Situations

Communicate with structure, precision, and confidence

Standing out at the right time and right place

Using Energy to Engage


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